Friday, February 19, 2010

This is New York: Upper Broadway, Valentine's Day 2010

Valentine's Day, and a break in the wintry weather brought everyone out.  Hoshi Coupe's window sported hearts for the occasion, and even the lady in the pocket park was bedecked.

Our neighbor Irma says empanada joe's was terrible.  Irma rules!  (Though we have a sneaking suspicion Veg! Out will be no better.)

Smoke Jazz Club, Cafe du Soleil, and Shoe Repair Shop

Missed shot:  Young woman in gold lame sneakers walking by shoe repair shop.

Flowers and Mickey Mouse 

Missed shot:  Fireman in full regalia double-parking his fire truck to fetch a bunch of flowers.

Signs, Shop Windows, and Donald Duck

The Venerable Murray's Sturgeon Shop

Grocery Collage, Lined-Up Boots, and Floating Purse

The Venerable H&H Bagels

Covered Man and Street Art

Aged Beef at Citarella's


Street Carts

Subway, Seated Man

Missed shot:  On the way to the Morgan Library, two women in black burkas, one talking on a cell phone.


  1. Raining Acorns,
    Just been to The Morgan Library and to the miniatures. Yes this is the same butterfly, the middle and top left, as you said.
    The Catherine of Cleves illuminated manuscripts are really beautiful and it must be a wonderful exhibition to see. I have just read about it. How fortunate for you to see it.
    Now, thanks to you, I can share it online. Via
    The Magic Carpet.

  2. Hi, Milly: thanks for stopping by--so pleased to hear this is indeed the same butterfly. And for those who are wondering what all this is about, Milly has drawn an exquisite admiral butterfly on her blog (just click on her name & go to Drawings from Nature to see it). And stay tuned to this blog for Monday's post . . . though, meanwhile, I do hope you enjoy the NYC street scenes!

  3. Makes me want to be there! Interesting collection of photos - I particularly like the last one.

  4. Your pictorial tour down Broadway is a rare treat. Almost as good as being there myself...although not in Winter. I will go back to the post to follow all of the links since I want to learn all of the details and stories about the various sites.

  5. Very interesting (and excellent) shots of the city windows…we could use a breath of clever "signage" here on the islands. Back in the 80's we had a sign guy that was quite creative with his art and woodworking. Lot's of great signs then, now mostly KWIK SIGN "kine".

  6. Great photos, a wonderful tour of NYC. Your post makes me want to plan another visit up there soon. There is always something going on or something to see in Manhattan!

  7. As if I haven't been homesick enough these last few weeks! I particularly love the Venerables. I will partake of both Venerables in a mere nine weeks. Hopefully, the wintry weather will have departed for good...for 2010, at least. Thank you for sharing these familiar and comforting images. Will try to get to the Morgan before Catherine of Cleves departs, too.

  8. So glad you all enjoyed these pictures--this was a bit of an experiment, though fun for me to do. Bonnie, may your trip to NYC net not only partaking of the venerables, but also a trip down to Lanciani's current location, for I think I speak for many in saying we will eagerly await a report from you on Vine Ripened on your return!


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